Wedding Chores

In the midst of all the hub-bub we’re currently involved in, there are a few bright points. Very few if you don’t like dresses, flowers, and talking about dresses and flowers…

So tonight’s order, straight from Claire’s Mom, was to decide on our signature cocktail at the reception.

So, I present to you, my homework:

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Champagne Cocktails

Last week I spent ~40 hours in airports and airplanes, so when I finally got home Saturday morning, it was time to celebrate.

While Claire was finishing up the veggies to go with our Baby Back Sous Vide I walked over to the Lil’ Cricket convenience store for a bottle of cheap champagne.

I knew we had a couple of mixers that’d go with it perfectly. Namely:

St. Germain

I'm a sucker for a nice bottle.

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Short Ribs, Sous Vide Style

How about a little sous vide recipe for a Thursday pick-up?

This how-to is from several weeks ago, which doesn’t mean the recipe is any less fresh. The way the meat fell off the bone indeed requires us to make this deliciousness again. Here’s how we started:

All for $8.

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A Charleston Caprese Sandwich

Yesterday evening, Jamey and I grabbed the golf clubs and headed for the driving range. It’s something I’ve been aching to do for several months now, and for some reason it always gets put on hold due to inclement weather, being too tired, going out to eat instead, and other excuses/diversions.

This time, it was a nice little after work excuse to stretch the muscles and blow off steam.

We came home to the sous vide that as of last night had only been stewing for 48 hours. (More on that after tonight’s dinner!) The rest of our fridge was full of frozen chicken, other frozen things, broccoli, homemade salsa, and miscellaneous condiments. Two things I noticed were Palmetto cheese and tomatoes.

The Palmetto Cheese in all its spreadable glory.

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Chuck Roast in the Sous Vide, Part Deux

Oh, dear. We are behind, aren’t we?

Since starting my new job, blogging has become a full-time activity. And by activity I mean job responsibility, which of course I am totally digging.

So I will try to spend my quiet time in the evenings and early mornings to bring you updates on our lives. I think this is a good goal, and maybe Jamey will throw in a post here and there to fill the void too.

Luckily, I have a recipe for you that’s been on the back burner now a few weeks and is ready for its debut!

I bring you: Chuck Roast in the Sous Vide, Part Deux.

Cuttin' into the chuck.

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Limoncello Layaway

Over a month ago, Jamey and I got a hankering to make our own limoncello. I’m not sure what started this idea, other than the fact that Jamey loves lemons and I love photographing and blogging our recipe escapades. Naturally, this was a recipe and photoblogging plan devised in heaven.

Our homemade limoncello: bottled and poured.

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Say it with me: bacon-wrapped scallops.

Well. This week just flew by, didn’t it?

I’ve been busy putting wedding material together the past few days, which has been a fun and time-consuming process. Luckily, Jamey entertained you today with a fun history post. (Don’t we wish he shared more like this?)

However, my labor for love hasn’t been all we’ve been up to this week. Jamey started bootcamp (not the army-kind, but the extreme workout version), we cooked duck confit in the sous vide (which you know we will blog the next go-round when I’m camera ready), my car broke down, was towed then brought back to life, and I had a race cancelled last night due to bad weather and street floods (plus some pretty crazy hail, which I have never seen in this town).

But really, it wasn’t a bad week despite the last bits. We even built up a little backlog of recipes to share!

One of these recent experiments was bacon wrapped sous vide scallops, which we pulled together a couple weeks ago. Should I say that again slowly? Bacon. Wrapped. Scallops. Drool with me, if you will.

Scallops, bacon, arancini. Oh, my.

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