Happy and Giddy

Our weekend could not have been more wedding planning productive. (Yes, I did indeed find the dress!)

I am happy to share details with anyone who wants to know more. For now I am keeping mum – can’t have Jamey learning any other details that haven’t already been spilled.

Aside from dress shopping, invitation selecting, cake testing, registering…Georgia was, once again, a refresher. I was so happy to be home with family. Those little visits are like boosts of energy, and it’s only when we return to Charleston that we fall onto our couch and crash. (I can’t wait for our mini-beach vacation in two weeks when we return to Pawleys. I think that will be especially refreshing for Jamey, who is currently working a two-week tour to Northeast Pennsylvania. How’s the weather up there today, honeybunch?)

As we enter the shower season, I’m sure more of the wedding details will spill out over the next several months. I might have to get into royal wedding lip lockdown if I find myself blabbing too much, but it’s hard to keep a low profile now that I have even more reasons to get excited. I feel like that’s the general consensus with everything: to everyone, I find myself only able to express my excitement and happiness.

Then again, this is how it all should be. Everyone tells me this is supposed to be one life’s happiest occasions, and so far I do think we are progressing just perfectly along in that direction.

Talk to me again in September when the real stress of the planning is supposed to start to sink in.

Us looking especially cheeseball happy for all the right reasons. Also my hair looks good.

Our things

One of the crazier experiences that I’ve noticed lately, is how few possessions I have.

I still own the same number of things or -to be more accurate- the things I’ve purchased over the years are still in my house, but they’re no longer “my” things. They’re “ours.”

For instance.

Today Claire and I were discussing honeymoon locations when Claire said:

Why don’t you look that up on the ipad?

An innocent enough statement, you might say. But let’s look at the implications here. Continue reading

Another round of garden sours and fun

Before this post can even begin, the big question is: does anyone know of a good photo collage-making website? Because seriously, this has plagued me all day and I can’t seem to find the website that once changed my life with this ability. (Suggestions, please. I am really, really really really in need of finding the answer to this question. Back to the original post.)

How was everyone’s weekend? Ours was eventful and relaxing, which always is the perfect combination. It also put in to motion several blog posts for this week that I think you will find quite entertaining, if you find us so. (And I assume you do – otherwise, why are you here?)

Friday, we scooted up to Pawleys Island for an overnight trip with Jamey’s parents and their friends from Williamsburg. It was great to hear more stories about little Jamey, reminisce of Georgia, and have a delicious meal with a great group of people. (I am craving some of those clams and sauce right now…this flashback to winter weather is draining.)

Crazy-eyed group pic at Frank’s

We also took the gear to make garden sours for the group, which didn’t turn out as well as they usually do. Continue reading

It’s Friiiiiiday

Many things are happening today that make me very happy:

1) Jamey is going to be back from Pennsylvania;

2) We’re going to scoot up to Pawleys for the evening to have fun with his parents and their friends;

and 3) we are taking the necessary ingredients to make some garden sours.

Other than that, who knows what this weekend has in store. We probably are going to take care of some household-y things tomorrow (like re-potting our poor lavender plant and ferns…more on that later), and catch up on other miscellaneous Charleston things that probably won’t involve leaving the three-block radius of our house. (I’m thinking a grocery store run might be in store, and when I say run I mean walk. That’s a little more than three blocks…but you get the gist.)

This weekend is also one of the last before we get really busy, since April is a slammed month of traveling (mostly Jamey) and travelers (can’t wait for a few select visitors to make their way down to my humble abode!) In the meantime, we’re going to savor this weekend and make the most of our time together.

Hope y’all have a great weekend!

P.S. – How do you like our new banner and tagline? We figured “Blabbin’, Cookin’, and Lovin'” better represented our current conversations – which doesn’t mean I’ll finally simmer down on wedding talk. Oh, no. We are just getting started.

A Musical Segment by Ross

This doesn’t really tie into the “Jamey and Claire” theme of this blog so much, but then I realized, of course it does!

My younger brother Ross will be performing during a segment of our wedding, so it makes sense to share with you some of his music. This is his music video he created for the Folgers jingle contest. Music, lyrics and performance are all by him:

I’m very proud. I don’t know of a voting process to help him win, but if there is you can bet I will be sharing it with you!

Husk Dining and Mom Visits

Oftentimes, I find it difficult to round-up a weekend when there’s so much to say of what went down. But this weekend is in need of a recap, since it’s one of those that stands out in a year of already so much excellence.

Friday evening Mom got in, and we hung around the house before making our way over to Husk. Now, my excitement for Husk has been palpable through several posts now. When we arrived at the bar for drinks before dinner, I was positively giddy. There, we found ourselves seated in the rafters of an old but new building – one decorated to tease the eye, transporting the diner to the rusted ambiance of a southern farm.

It’s a shame that the meal itself was not exactly the meal of my Husk dreams. Perhaps it didn’t help that my expectations were beyond high, but then again I was expecting to be blown away from start to finish. Continue reading

Friday, are you here yet?

Since it’s almost Friday and that’s all I can think about at the moment, I thought I would post to get my mind off the fact that my mom will be here tomorrow. Can’t wait for the weekend, yet again!

All this week, Jamey and I have kickstarted our revamped diets with a variety of healthy foods and dinners. (Based on our verbal reports to each other, it sounds like he’s been doing even better than me for lunch options. Everyone give him an internet pat on the back for staying strong!)

Since my mom is coming into town Friday night (Hello, Husk!), I can already predict our weekend will be full of wonderful, rich and local food choices. I hope she has braced herself for a yummy weekend!

In the meantime, here is a picture of our sous vide teryaki pork with a side of sautéed garlic spinach.

A homemade dinner is just as good as any night out.

By the light of candlelight, glasses of wine and my Valentine’s Day roses, it was a lovely dinner to spend mid-week together. These kinds of meals are always my favorite.

Now bring on Friday, my momma and Husk!