Georgia: A Recap

While Jamey was away on an eight-day work trip, Rose and I frolicked in the Lake Oconee area of Georgia with our family. Jamey and I are lucky to have parents that live within a 40 minute drive of each other there, so we spent some quality time with uncles, aunts, grandparents, cousins, great aunts and uncles, and even Rose’s great-grandparents. It was truly wonderful to see everyone and get some much needed relaxation time (and basically a summer vacation for me). Who can say no to big southern porches, a book (or occasional beverage) in the hand, and a baby in the arm? Not this momma.

Lake Oconee front porch

My parents’ porch. Can I just take this with me?

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Then comes marriage.

Jamey and I are sitting in the Atlanta airport, waiting to board for our honeymoon flight to Belize. Already everything is a blur; we were so exhausted last night that by the time we got to the Ritz downtown, all we could do is order a beer and a burger with room service. It might have been the perfect start to married life.

I will give you a detailed wedding post soon, especially once we have some pictures. We are counting on all of you to upload some to Facebook!

For now, though, I think it’s fair to say we couldn’t have asked for anything more. From the ceremony to the reception, everything was absolutely perfect and how we imagined.

Thank you to everyone for your blessings, well wishes, thoughts and support. We are completely overwhelmed by how much your love means to us, and that feeling certainly hit me the second I stepped foot in the church and saw all who were there to celebrate with us. I couldn’t hold back the tears even if I tried.

What a beautiful weekend and the start to a lifetime of happiness. Jamey and I will never be able to express just how amazing you all are and what your love means to us. Thank you again and again!

Jamey & Claire


Now, off to Belize!

Jamey and Jamey say hi!

Say hi to Jamey and Jamey doll!


We got in to the Lake Oconee area late Saturday night and have been having a grand old time with our families. Jamey and I even became Godparents!

We return to Charleston tomorrow, and then my bachelorette festivities start Saturday night. 48 days, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Hope y’all are having a lovely Labor Day weekend!

Happy and Giddy

Our weekend could not have been more wedding planning productive. (Yes, I did indeed find the dress!)

I am happy to share details with anyone who wants to know more. For now I am keeping mum – can’t have Jamey learning any other details that haven’t already been spilled.

Aside from dress shopping, invitation selecting, cake testing, registering…Georgia was, once again, a refresher. I was so happy to be home with family. Those little visits are like boosts of energy, and it’s only when we return to Charleston that we fall onto our couch and crash. (I can’t wait for our mini-beach vacation in two weeks when we return to Pawleys. I think that will be especially refreshing for Jamey, who is currently working a two-week tour to Northeast Pennsylvania. How’s the weather up there today, honeybunch?)

As we enter the shower season, I’m sure more of the wedding details will spill out over the next several months. I might have to get into royal wedding lip lockdown if I find myself blabbing too much, but it’s hard to keep a low profile now that I have even more reasons to get excited. I feel like that’s the general consensus with everything: to everyone, I find myself only able to express my excitement and happiness.

Then again, this is how it all should be. Everyone tells me this is supposed to be one life’s happiest occasions, and so far I do think we are progressing just perfectly along in that direction.

Talk to me again in September when the real stress of the planning is supposed to start to sink in.

Us looking especially cheeseball happy for all the right reasons. Also my hair looks good.

Family time

This weekend, we made a quick trip back to Madison to sort out details surrounding our impending nuptials. Hopefully, we’ll be able to soon announce our official wedding plans, but in the meantime we’re keeping it under wraps until things are official official. (This doesn’t mean that we won’t answer questions surrounding said details; we – or at least I – will gab quite willingly if you are so curious.)

Along with those errands, we also took a little time today to check out Jamey’s sister’s (gorgeous) new house and to play with his nephews.

This picture is too darn adorable.
Uncle Jamey at his finest.

It was a gorgeous weekend for family, wedding ideas, and in its bittersweet moments, missing Georgia.

The 70-degree temperatures were also a pretty big plus.

The Date…not yet decided

Since the engagement, one of the most frequently asked questions Jamey and I have faced is “When’s the wedding?” And truly, we would love nothing more than to be able to answer this question – particularly me.

To Jamey's relief, this will NOT be us on our wedding day.

If I had an answer, that would mean the venue was already selected for the wedding, reception, or wedding+reception. Right now, that seems to be the biggest issue we are facing.

We’re in the process of investigating a few places, but so far our locations to potentially tie the knot are in Madison, Ga., the Atlanta area, or perhaps Pawleys Island, S.C. – somewhere in the Southeast region of the United States, if I need to be general.

Therefore, friends, if you have any suggestions or tips, I would more than love to hear them. I’ll be making a trip back to Georgia in a few weeks to do some in-person touring, and then we’ll hopefully have a date.

– Claire