Old Village Eatings

Last night didn’t turn out exactly as planned. If you haven’t yet followed our Twitter feed (get on that!), but Jamey’s flight was cancelled yesterday morning, which invariably led to my cancelling of his dinner reservation. Luckily, my friend Anne was still onboard, and the evening turned into a wonderful girls’ night out at Old Village Post House in Mt. Pleasant.

Look at these jerks who get to have homes right on the water.

The Old Village is tucked away in the off-beaten paths of Charleston, where every home has a front porch as wide as the house and trees draped with Spanish moss. The homes in this neck of the woods epitomize Lowcountry living, settled into the marsh and most glorious at the time of the evening sunset. (I used to live in the Old Village, and wandering over there last night made me want to live there again.)

Dinner was a lovely progression of food and beer tastings, paired with brews from Lefthand Brewing. While the food was good, what really overpowered each course were the beers themselves.

I’ve never paired multiple courses with beer before, and I’m not sure this one exactly turned me into a beer pairing convert. I still am astounded by the incredible wine and food pairings we had at Tristan…those flavors truly were exceptional. Therefore, the bar was already set extremely high when I sat down for my meal last night. It’s hard to compete when the last paired wine five-course meal you had blew anything else out of the water.  Continue reading

Dinner from Monday, posted on Friday

Well, it seems that Jamey did not fulfill his agreement to write about our Tristan dinner, so I’ll just have to take care of that at some point. In the meantime, here are some sous vide pork chop videos from our dinner Monday night (you can hear me with my little “Action!” cue at the beginning of the video…I am such a dork):

…and Jamey finishing up to the spinach and onions for the completed meal:

We’ve definitely reached the point of the season where we can sit comfortably in our house with the windows and doors open. I feel like this was never something we could do comfortably when I was growing up in Georgia, since the spring typically goes from frigid ice days one week to blazing hot 85 degree temperatures the next. Continue reading

Friday, are you here yet?

Since it’s almost Friday and that’s all I can think about at the moment, I thought I would post to get my mind off the fact that my mom will be here tomorrow. Can’t wait for the weekend, yet again!

All this week, Jamey and I have kickstarted our revamped diets with a variety of healthy foods and dinners. (Based on our verbal reports to each other, it sounds like he’s been doing even better than me for lunch options. Everyone give him an internet pat on the back for staying strong!)

Since my mom is coming into town Friday night (Hello, Husk!), I can already predict our weekend will be full of wonderful, rich and local food choices. I hope she has braced herself for a yummy weekend!

In the meantime, here is a picture of our sous vide teryaki pork with a side of sautéed garlic spinach.

A homemade dinner is just as good as any night out.

By the light of candlelight, glasses of wine and my Valentine’s Day roses, it was a lovely dinner to spend mid-week together. These kinds of meals are always my favorite.

Now bring on Friday, my momma and Husk!

Chuck Roast in the Sous Vide

I probably didn’t need to break this into two videos, but you can deal. One day I will have these videos figured out and will get all the information into one video with one take, and maybe then we’ll be Youtube sensations for our cooking techniques. Who knows. At least I finally turned the camera the right way, right?

Before we hit the road on Saturday, we put a chuck roast into the sous vide Friday night. It cooked for two days at 141 degrees in the sous vide, but according to Jamey, food in the sous vide can last up to five days anyway. (Maybe we can persuade him to write a post on the art of the sous vide, since he is the master here.)

It was great on Sunday to come home to this sizzling hunk of meat for dinner:

We also made the gravy with the meat juice, and served it with a side salad:

All in all, it was a delicious, reasonably healthy meal.

What should we sous vide next? I am open to suggestions and recipes from our audience!

Sous Vide Time Again: Hanger Steak Style

In case our last installment of sous vide videos wasn’t enough for your viewing pleasure, I now have several sous vide steak videos to share that Jamey and I took last week. I also filmed the videos correctly this time, so no more skinny vids for you to deal with.

This time around, we used hanger steak that took us only a few hours. We threw it into the sous vide after prepping it with a little olive oil, spices, and McCormick’s Montreal steak seasoning.

These videos only further remind me that we need to ask our landlady if we can paint the walls. Anyway. Continue reading