Here we are again.

I think it’s fitting that I return to this blog at this time of year, two years after I last posted. (Has it really been two years??) There’s something about the summer that always makes me sentimentally productive. Perhaps because it’s the only time of year growing up when I could do things on my own terms without the structure of school, so it’s when I often feel the most ease of mind to┬áput fresh words to print.

To summarize the past two years isn’t necessary; I think if you scroll through mine or Jamey’s Instagram accounts, you’ll get a quick visualization of what’s happened in our lives. (Quick overview: house decorating, fresh foods, house puttering, travels to DC, Maryland, Seattle, Ireland…) Really, I think a click on mine will give you the biggest life altering update, and the most important: we had a baby, and her name is Rose.

Clara Rose Monahan


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Happy Mother’s Day!

We’re updating today with a special post just for our moms: Happy Mother’s Day, Momma Monahan and Momma Lenenski! We love you both so, so much.

And an extra special happy mom’s day to Jamey’s sister, who just gave birth to the prettiest little family addition!

Happy birthday, baby Lucia!

We are so excited to meet you, little Lucia!

What a beautiful, heartwarming weekend it’s been.


Jamey and Claire