Pork butt and dominoes

Apologies for our lack of posts around these parts; the real world has been interfering with a blogger schedule.

However, Jamey and I did manage to make time for a little dinner, games and fun this past weekend.

The pork butt and all its juicy goodness.

Saturday night, our friends Brigid and Kyle came over (and brought their new baby Connor!)

Jamey got up at 8 that morning to put a pork butt in the smoker, and arguably it was the best we’ve tasted yet with that contraption. (The pork we previously smoked was also delicious, as was the smoked chicken we worked with last week.)

Honestly, the food we put into this thing just keeps getting better and better. Our next attempt will probably involve some sort of stuffing, which we plan to mix with the mortar and pestle Jamey also got for Christmas. (I told you he got a bunch of cooking contraptions this past holiday, for which we are extremely grateful.)

We paired the meat with a side salad, some fresh green beans, a delicious sampler cake that Brigid and Kyle brought, and of course plenty of spirits.

You can read more about Brigid’s take on the night on her blog, as well as see some interesting pictures of Jamey and me. (It’s ok, we are secure in our level of attractiveness…although Kyle, Brigid and Connor’s normality may make us seem that much more ridiculous.)

But Connor chilled on our floor all night! It was more than precious.

We finished up the evening with a game of Mexican train dominoes, and I dare to say that we might have started a new board game addiction for the Hines family. (I think the Lenenskis and Monahans can truly identify. 2 a.m. domino games anyone? Dad?)

Dominoes by candlelight (and wine).

All in all, it was a stellar evening for an all-around relaxing weekend. Can’t wait to do it again.