About Us

Jamey: This is where Claire will write about how awesome we are and why you should care what’s posted on this page.

Claire: Well, since I am taking charge here, I guess I will give you the gist: we are a husband-and-wife duo living and working in Charleston, S.C. We started this blog to have a little place on the Web to document our wedding process, but it became a place for our friends and family to keep tabs on our lives in the Lowcountry. We like cooking, history, our new baby, Rose, and writing our present and future together. That basically sums us up, but you can read more about us individually on our super trendy and innovative About.Me pages to which Jamey has provided the links:

About Claire | About Jamey


3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. This is the coolest website I have come across. It also turns out that I know the woman in the picture! It’s my good friend, Claire! The best part is she is getting married. Holy Mackerel!!! Congratulations my good friend. I hope visit this site and I might have to just tweet about it.

    yours truly,

    Mystery Woman


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