Chuck Roast in the Sous Vide

I probably didn’t need to break this into two videos, but you can deal. One day I will have these videos figured out and will get all the information into one video with one take, and maybe then we’ll be Youtube sensations for our cooking techniques. Who knows. At least I finally turned the camera the right way, right?

Before we hit the road on Saturday, we put a chuck roast into the sous vide Friday night. It cooked for two days at 141 degrees in the sous vide, but according to Jamey, food in the sous vide can last up to five days anyway. (Maybe we can persuade him to write a post on the art of the sous vide, since he is the master here.)

It was great on Sunday to come home to this sizzling hunk of meat for dinner:

We also made the gravy with the meat juice, and served it with a side salad:

All in all, it was a delicious, reasonably healthy meal.

What should we sous vide next? I am open to suggestions and recipes from our audience!


9 thoughts on “Chuck Roast in the Sous Vide

  1. you do have viewerS. I love your videos Claire (and Jamey)! I miss that laugh an it reminds me of your very early cooking video making scrambled eggs. I hope you’ve shared that with the male Jamey.


    • Hah, thank you, Jamie!

      I have not yet shown Jamey that video. I’m not sure he can handle it just yet…but it pretty much does sum up my life as a child. I tried to find it recently and it seems to also have disappeared from my parents’ house! Gonna have to hunt that down the next time I’m back.


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    • Well, we don’t have a dishwasher in our apartment, so we try to cut down on our plate usage by combining things onto one. Also, I cut up my chuck roast and basically ate it as a meat for my salad.


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