Champagne Cocktails

Last week I spent ~40 hours in airports and airplanes, so when I finally got home Saturday morning, it was time to celebrate.

While Claire was finishing up the veggies to go with our Baby Back Sous Vide I walked over to the Lil’ Cricket convenience store for a bottle of cheap champagne.

I knew we had a couple of mixers that’d go with it perfectly. Namely:

St. Germain

I'm a sucker for a nice bottle.

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Ribs a la Sous Vide, of course

Recently, Jamey and I picked up a handy little steel bucket grill from Cost Plus World Market. We’ve only used it twice so far but for the same purpose: charrin’ some ribs.

Fanning the flame to make me some RIBS.

Our trips to World Market are akin to our TJ Maxx and Marshall’s ventures: we usually go in for the purpose of one item and end up leaving with bagfuls of miscellaneous nonsense. However, this miscellaneous nonsense often results in spectacular items of discovery – items that bring us bottles of limoncello, and in this case, a handy red, portable grill that we can pop out right on our front porch and anywhere else. (Beach cook-out, anyone?) Continue reading