Limoncello Layaway

Over a month ago, Jamey and I got a hankering to make our own limoncello. I’m not sure what started this idea, other than the fact that Jamey loves lemons and I love photographing and blogging our recipe escapades. Naturally, this was a recipe and photoblogging plan devised in heaven.

Our homemade limoncello: bottled and poured.

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The Other White Chili

Sunday evening was a cold, wet, chilly time that called for one thing and one thing only: chili.

The best thing about our smoker (aside from its delicious smokiness) is that it stocks us with a week’s worth of meat. This could be because we never can seem to pick anything less than a eight pound cut (hey, when it’s on sale how can you pass up a deal? I bought a six pound corned beef for $3 after St. Patrick’s Day…but hey again! That’s a heckuva deal! And you know we will eat it.)

The pork butt we cooked over a week ago is still good and fat in our fridge, needing to be used. We have been adding it here and there to our meals (I might have overdosed on pork while Jamey was gone last week), but  I suggested a white bean chili as our next leftover pork venture in lieu of chicken.

Based on a recipe by the Pioneer Woman, I bring you Jamey and Claire ‘s Other White Chili.

Ready to dig in?

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Garden Sours

Last fall, we ventured to FIG Restaurant for a friend’s birthday occasion while she was in town. It was a life-changing experience that set Jamey’s and my foodie interests in motion, and it still remains to be the best meal we’ve eaten in Charleston. (How’s that for a weighty endorsement?)

We also mixed a lot of drinks last summer (including my Buxton margs, which I guarantee will make an appearance sometime soon). Yet again, nothing kicked off our venture into mixology more than the garden sour that accompanied the meal at FIG.

With the sun sky high and temperatures at more than 80 degrees, this past weekend was the ideal opportunity for a taste of summer. So it is without further ado that I present to you how Jamey and Claire make a garden sour.

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