Bunny ears are now bat ears

Last night, Jamey and I fully entered this decade of technology.

Bat ear antenna. Or digital flat antenna, as the box describes.

Jamey hasn’t been one for cable television in quite some time. He voluntarily abandoned it several years ago when he realized he only watched one channel, and when your sole channel is playing shows liked UFO Hunters, it’s safe to say the channel has jumped the shark. (Then again, when said channel also has a show called The Nostradamus Effect, maybe your interests with said channel and said channels’ audience aren’t all that far off.)

Lately – as in the past few years – my television viewership has also lessened. I can on occasion while away several hours in front of the Food Network, but for the most part that’s the only channel I stick to. Any broadcast television I typically watch online or stream later.

However, there are only two times in the entire year I like to watch shows in their regularly scheduled hours. The Superbowl, you might guess? No, not this girl. Maybe the State of the Union address? I am flattered you think I am such an active, participating citizen. Continue reading