Happy Mother’s Day!

We’re updating today with a special post just for our moms: Happy Mother’s Day, Momma Monahan and Momma Lenenski! We love you both so, so much.

And an extra special happy mom’s day to Jamey’s sister, who just gave birth to the prettiest little family addition!

Happy birthday, baby Lucia!

We are so excited to meet you, little Lucia!

What a beautiful, heartwarming weekend it’s been.


Jamey and Claire


To the beach

It’s been a long week for us, so we’re doing what any sane couple living in Charleston is probably going to do this weekend: we’re escaping to the beach and relishing in the springtime weather.


This is probably how we will spend the majority of our weekend.

This weekend is our continuation of our Valentine’s Day holiday, but we’ll be sure to update you on our glorious adventures and meals out – when we’re not lying on the beach getting tan, reading and napping.

Happy Friday!