Bunny ears are now bat ears

Last night, Jamey and I fully entered this decade of technology.

Bat ear antenna. Or digital flat antenna, as the box describes.

Jamey hasn’t been one for cable television in quite some time. He voluntarily abandoned it several years ago when he realized he only watched one channel, and when your sole channel is playing shows liked UFO Hunters, it’s safe to say the channel has jumped the shark. (Then again, when said channel also has a show called The Nostradamus Effect, maybe your interests with said channel and said channels’ audience aren’t all that far off.)

Lately – as in the past few years – my television viewership has also lessened. I can on occasion while away several hours in front of the Food Network, but for the most part that’s the only channel I stick to. Any broadcast television I typically watch online or stream later.

However, there are only two times in the entire year I like to watch shows in their regularly scheduled hours. The Superbowl, you might guess? No, not this girl. Maybe the State of the Union address? I am flattered you think I am such an active, participating citizen.

No, these two times involve my favorite season of the year: Award Season (right in between winter and spring, in case you needed definition.) To me, nothing beats watching a startled actress walk across the stage in a gazillion dollar gown, take the trophy, and then burst into tears trying to remember who on earth she forgot to thank, what she was even in, what she has worked so hard for her entire life, and that graciously thanking the Academy, God and her parents is the end priority. This moment of humanity always gets me at the core, and this is why I am devoted to my Award Season.

It’s arguably not a true example of humanity, since these are actors and actresses, after all. But it’s a brief couple minutes when a person is brought down to the everyday level of society – outside of their Hollywood mansion lifestyle, rehab, nightclubs and plastic surgery appointments. It’s just a few minutes that we get to see them for how they really are, in a true reaction sense.

I don’t know why this has always been something I enjoy watching so much, but at some point it became a yearly ritual. So, to satisfy my award show fix, Jamey and I got a digital flat antenna for our t.v.

And it is amazing! I can’t believe how crisp and clear the few channels are. The last time I used bunny ears was around 1997, when my parents got us cable in our house for the first time. Back then, the select channels you could watch were so difficult to get through sometimes that we would end up pounding the top of the t.v., or wiggling the ears back and forth until we could finally have a clear, non-static signal. Having cable became such a luxury that after that I forgot what using bunny ears antennae really was like.

When Jamey installed the bat wings to the back of the t.v. last night, I was prepared for static city. To my surprise, digital t.v.s have caught up with technology, and static is no longer a viewer’s concern. They’re not even bunny ear antenna anymore; they remind me of bat ears, or even a pair of bat wings:

When did bats get so cute?

I am glad to say I will be happily watching the Golden Globes broadcast this Sunday in its full form – unless you hear from me otherwise.


5 thoughts on “Bunny ears are now bat ears

    • Is it not programmed now? Or do you mean the white controller?

      Ha, one less remote for you to have sitting out on the ottoman, so I’ll let you do your thing 🙂


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