Champagne Cocktails

Last week I spent ~40 hours in airports and airplanes, so when I finally got home Saturday morning, it was time to celebrate.

While Claire was finishing up the veggies to go with our Baby Back Sous Vide I walked over to the Lil’ Cricket convenience store for a bottle of cheap champagne.

I knew we had a couple of mixers that’d go with it perfectly. Namely:

St. Germain

I'm a sucker for a nice bottle.

St. Germain is an elderflower liqueur. I love the elderflower juice they sell at Ikea, so I figured I’d try out a mini-bottle of this stuff. We bought this on a whim one day while we were in our favorite local liquor store Tavern, a location that’s been selling booze since about 1700.

The flavor of St. Germain is difficult to describe, but mostly it’s like drinking candy. It’s sweet, light, and refreshing. I put a splash of this in the bottom of our champagne flutes, filled with champagne, added a splash of club soda, and then squeezed a little lemon on top. It was pretty divine. Light, refrshing, and pleasantly bubbly. While something that my more Alpha Male friends would call a “girly drink”, I loved it.

Unfortunately, it was a very small bottle, so we only had two drinks of it and another 3-4 glasses of champagne left. Very unfortunate, right? That’s what we call a “First-World problem…”

So we made something I started doing last summer. Champagne, a sugar cube, and some Angostura bitters. I’m not sure where I got this, but I’m pretty sure it’s because that’s what they drank all the time in Casablanca.

See the sugar and bitters?

The bitters and sugar gives these a nice, crisp taste, but not too sour.

I think I might have to get another bottle of champagne on the way home..


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