Chuck Roast in the Sous Vide, Part Deux

Oh, dear. We are behind, aren’t we?

Since starting my new job, blogging has become a full-time activity. And by activity I mean job responsibility, which of course I am totally digging.

So I will try to spend my quiet time in the evenings and early mornings to bring you updates on our lives. I think this is a good goal, and maybe Jamey will throw in a post here and there to fill the void too.

Luckily, I have a recipe for you that’s been on the back burner now a few weeks and is ready for its debut!

I bring you: Chuck Roast in the Sous Vide, Part Deux.

Cuttin' into the chuck.

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog for a while, you’re probably familiar with Chuck Roast in the Sous Vide Part I. It might very well be considered a classic. (Really, the amount of Googled hits we have received for those videos is slightly hilarious to me. I can only imagine what it must be like from a non-related perspective to watch and listen to us puttering around in our dingy 60s-style kitchen.)

Therefore, I think the conversation for this recipe went something like this:

“What should we have for dinner this week?”

“I don’t know, what you want?”

“Why don’t we make a chuck roast in the sous vide again? That gets us a lot of blog hits.”

“Ok, sounds like a plan.”

That’s basically how the crux of the meal came together. The thing is, every time we do something in the sous vide, we generally scramble to make sides the night of. Our sous vide portion is the crowning achievement, and the rest is just a passing thought. In this case, we didn’t have anything on hand that particularly stirred the pot of interest; what we did have was extra lettuce that was probably going to go bad soon, half a tomato, and a couple eggs.  Needless to say, this turned out more than half alright, since we were just back from a weekend away.

With this go-round, we put the chuck roast in the sous vide for 48 hours at 132 degrees. We dropped it in Friday night, went back to Georgia for the weekend, then opened it up Sunday night when we rolled on into the house.

This is why I absolutely love the sous vide. How awesome is it that we can have an incredibly cooked delicious piece of meat upon arrival? It’s like we had a cook do it for us! For that alone I think the sous vide is so worth the investment.

Upon return, we cut open the bag and threw the sucker onto the stove. We only used Montreal Steak Seasoning on this roast, so we gave it a good sear before moving it aside.

A little blackened crustiness is always good.

For some reason, I have been on a steak and eggs tear lately. It’s what I have craved for brunch, so with that in mind I put the rest of our dinner together.

Steak 'n eggs: dinner style.

I fried up a couple eggs, chopped up that tomato, sprinkled on some salt and pepper, and drizzled a little balsamic dressing over the salad. It was the perfect version of a classic breakfast dish, only with meat that had cooked for two days instead of leftovers reheated for the morning after. Breaking into that egg yolk was also wonderful and almost gravy-like; it blended with the delicious sous vide juices of the steak and became a whole separate flavor entity.

It’s amazing what kind of sides we can whip up just by pulling nonsense out of the fridge and putting it together. We have a couple things floating around that I’ve been eyeballing for the current sous vide subject, which I am sure I will update you on in a new post soon enough.

But there you have it: Sous Vide Chuck Roast, Part Deux.


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