A Charleston Caprese Sandwich

Yesterday evening, Jamey and I grabbed the golf clubs and headed for the driving range. It’s something I’ve been aching to do for several months now, and for some reason it always gets put on hold due to inclement weather, being too tired, going out to eat instead, and other excuses/diversions.

This time, it was a nice little after work excuse to stretch the muscles and blow off steam.

We came home to the sous vide that as of last night had only been stewing for 48 hours. (More on that after tonight’s dinner!) The rest of our fridge was full of frozen chicken, other frozen things, broccoli, homemade salsa, and miscellaneous condiments. Two things I noticed were Palmetto cheese and tomatoes.

The Palmetto Cheese in all its spreadable glory.

Now, one of the things we have yet to touch on this blog is the gloriousness that is Palmetto cheese. Anytime an out-of-towner comes to visit us, it is one of the first things we purchase plus a box of Ritz crackers or Triscuits. (I’ve turned Jamey into a Triscuit convert. The texture of those crackers sprinkled with salt, pepper and some Italian seasoning? Please, could it be more of a done deal when you dip those babies into a little jalapeno pimento cheese spread. It’s a Southerner’s dream.)

Then another thought struck: several weeks ago, Jamey’s mom gave us two glorious herb pots that we brought back with us from Georgia. We’ve had a blast incorporating these ingredients in with our food, so naturally fresh basil was the next to spring to mind as our dinner construction began to unfold.

I then pulled some bread out of the pantry and slathered on the Palmetto, then popped the bread into the oven to toast for a few minutes.

Toasting the Palmetto Cheese

While the bread and cheese toasted, I pulled some basil leaves from the herb pots and sliced a tomato.

Sliced tomato and basil

Five minutes later, I put together what I will now dub the Charleston Caprese sandwich.

Claire's Charleston Caprese Sandwich. Yes, I am naming it after myself.

And there you have it: with a little inventiveness and a lack of unfrozen protein, a new classic sandwich is born.


6 thoughts on “A Charleston Caprese Sandwich

    • Yes, you so should! It was delicious. Someone might have even made themselves a second sandwich after this one was devoured…


  1. We LOVE Palmetto Cheese! We even got our Harris Teeter here in Virginia Beach to carry it. It took a year but we got it!
    We use it in our BLT’s which we refer to as BLTPC sandwiches. YUM!


    • BLTPCs sound AMAZING. We have some duck prosciutto in our fridge now…might have to try that out!

      Jamey said he is also a fan of post-Thanksgiving turkey palmetto cheese sandwiches, which sound both crazy and good!


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