Hayes 301 is coming to Charleston!

Tomorrow, something great and wonderful and glorious is happening.

Three of my best friends and college roommates are coming to Charleston for the first time. We will explore, gallivant, sunbathe, feast, and most of all, revel in friendship and sunshine. (Ok, that last bit might be a little much. But I’m excited!)

Hayes 301 in its heyday

I am thrilled to welcome them with open arms to my new home, and introduce them to Jamey for the first time. It is utterly preposterous that they have all yet to meet, so of course if they don’t like him then I’m calling everything off. (Kidding, honeybunch!)

I have a full itinerary planned out, but mostly I am just looking forward to them being here and enjoying their weekend in the warm, lovely Lowcountry.

Until then, I leave you all and hope you have a wonderful Friday. And just because I do have your attention at the moment, I’ll go ahead and tell you what Jamey said to me regarding the picture above:

“You told me you had a good Rosie the Riveter costume!”

Thank goodness it’s the weekend.


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