Hotel Monahanski, a Hayes 301 Special

When my college roommates ventured out to Charleston in April, I invited them to put together a blog post recounting their experiences. Even though that was now a couple months ago, the memories are still fresh – and even fresher with today’s post.

Here is the story, brought to you by Krittika, Anna, and Megan:

A long time needed blog post is finally here!

After a long grueling winter, those of us up north decided it was high time to head south for some fun in the sun. Turns out, as luck would have it, we had just the place – we like to call it Hotel Monahanski. From curbside drop-off and pickup at the airport, to 4 star accommodations and food, this place could perhaps be the best-kept secret in Charleston. Our weekend in Charleston could not have been filled with more fun, food and good times. Our wonderful hosts embodied the meaning of charming southern hospitality making us question whether a roundtrip ticket had been a necessary purchase. By Sunday we didn’t want to leave.  Before we lament on how we had to leave after a quality time spent we will tell you a little about what we did in Charleston, SC.

A curbside pickup by the one and only Claire was a wonderful surprise and a warm felt “hello” after a long time.  She ceremoniously welcomed us at the airport with a couple of good ole honks reminding us of our kappa moments, honking around Denison University. Soon after we were at Hotel Monahanski , a perfect apartment in the heart of Charleston allowing us to take in history as we peered across Claire’s window to Calhoun’s tombstone. Only a true history buff would be so proud to share this experience with us! Eager to see the sites of Charleston, we jetted to Sullivan’s Island where we enjoyed good ole’ southern barbecue while watching women’s tennis like on TV that also happened to be hosted in Charleston that weekend. Our gluttony of fine Charleston southern cookin’ resulted in a relaxing afternoon at the beach. Maximizing our Hayes 301 time, we caught up on each other’s lives. We couldn’t wait for the night Claire has in store for us!

Embodying the southern charm, all of us women dressed up in our summer dresses. The night was pleasant and ideal for outdoor rooftop bars. Before the roof top bars, Jamey and Claire took us to an Oyster bar. That night we consumed oysters and muscles while getting to know Jamey. It truly was perfect! Later we happened to drop in on a Tri-Delta clambake while at a rooftop bar overlooking the city of Charleston at night.  Enjoying the cool ocean breeze on the rooftop with a margarita in hand, we could not have asked for a better way to spend time together. We had to indulge ourselves in a photo shoot!

The many faces of Jamey

The rest of the weekend was spend doing what we do best: eating, drinking and having a good ole’ time. The highlight of the weekend was lying out on the beach while Jamey the Chef, treated us women to a great Smoker pork butt. The meal was a very own Monahan special barbecue creation! One that was exquisite. 

We all definitely learned a few things that weekend especially that most of us can burn even on a foggy beach, spinning a quarter in a hearty game of landmines, and most of all that we have a lot of fun together. I mean, let’s be honest, we knew the four of us would rock Charleston together. But, getting the opportunity to add such an awesome 5th to the mix was a pure joy. Thank you Jamey and Claire for inviting us down. And thank you for allowing us to be apart of your lives together. WE LOVE YOU!


6 thoughts on “Hotel Monahanski, a Hayes 301 Special

  1. Thanks Claire for putting this lovely post! This makes me miss you guys! My favorite was the “many faces of Jamey”. Good times!


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