A Birthday to Remember

Last week, I threw a surprise birthday party in honor of Jamey’s 30th. In order to not understate the results of this event, I have to admit that it was pretty much epic.

Dancing the night away on the Carolina Belle.

As soon as I got home from work, Jamey and I hopped in the car and headed toward a mysterious location. I did a good job keeping this destination secret from him, and I have to compliment his friends as well for keeping everything under wraps.

We turned and twisted down familiar roads until arriving at the Maritime Center. By then, Jamey guessed we were doing a cruise; I confirmed, but he still didn’t know the full plan.

I was getting giddy at this point. (Pic has also already been framed, hence the fuzziness.)

Jamey and I got drinks, checked out the food, and scoped out the whole boat. While nothing glamorous, the Carolina Belle is clearly prepared for the ultimate party cruise. Luckily, one of Jamey’s favorite local restaurants was also the night’s caterer, so I knew the food would also be up to his standards.

We headed back to the upper deck and watched the band finish setting up. At that point I said to Jamey, “I think you have some friends coming this way.”

Since I’ve known Jamey, one thing I’ve noticed is that he rarely is in utter shock or surprise – and even more rarely does he exhibit either. If it’s a present or event that he has anticipated highly, the final unwrapping is still a somewhat quiet reaction with him; of course he’s glad or happy to finally have whatever it is, but with him big surprises are hard to come by. (Now I’m thinking what he’ll be like when the big day comes…that could be interesting.)

But when they all started climbing onboard, I knew this was going to be a grand time. Jamey couldn’t stop smiling.

A bit windy, but look at that grin.

We sailed, dance, drank, ate and partied for the next two hours. (Thank you for taking such fantastic pictures, Lori!)

Hey, that bridge looks familiar!

Anyone remember the Ravenel Bridge from a previous experience of mine?

Yeah, we live here.

The cruise sailed around the Charleston peninsula, toward the Ashley River side and then back toward the Cooper. As we crossed under the Ravenel Bridge, the sun set as the boat partied on.

You just can't beat that sunset.

I wish we could have lasted all night, all weekend. It would have been divine.

Happy birthday to you again, you funny man.

Thank you again to all our wonderful friends who made this event so special. I might have my work cut out for me to make next year anywhere near as awesome for Jamey’s birthday, but how was it worth it. The 30th should be memorable, and this one was certainly one to remember.


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