Family Backgrounds: AKA The Gray Man

So as a part of Claire and I’s getting used to this whole “marrying each other thing” we’ve been talking a lot about our families.

One of the funny things about my family is that my mother loves ghost stories. When she was a kid -to hear her tell it- she had a pet ghost named Alice. The stories that my mother and her sister tell are both funny, and frightening, and probably why I still don’t like to sleep in the house they grew up in. The Grand Strand of South Carolina has been continuously inhabited (by non-Natives) since the 1670s. It’s seen countless skirmishes, slavery, a war, and all the other detritus & minutiae of human life. My mother says that these emotions and strife of people are what causes ghosts to appear and stay around a place. And since this is a woman who used to take all her high school friends on “Ghost Hunts” on weekends, I’m inclined to believe her.

When I told Claire about my haunted background, she was a bit apprehensive. But I have proof. 

Below is a video from the hit TV series Unsolved Mysteries. If you’ll skip to 1:35 seconds, you’ll be treated with a story I’ve heard countless variations of my entire life. The story of The Gray Man. Please watch.

Pretty awesome, huh? How about my grandmother’s acting? “Where’d he go?!”

I’m inclined to get sentimental about this video, because I love to hear my grandparents telling stories again, but I’ll avoid it for now.

I didn’t realize when I initially told Claire all these things, but apparently, she’s terrified of ghosts.



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