Where were we…

Well, well, well. What have we been doing these past few weeks?

This might be the longest hiatus the blog has yet seen, and I assure you we have no good excuses. Jamey might, since he’s been on the road quite a bit the past couple weeks, which is why I’m getting this post in now before he gets home and is an evening distraction once more. (See you soon, honeybunch!) Still, we’ve had some notable developments that are worth noting in the wedding planning and life planning arena, in general:

1. My dress came in! I made a whirlwind trip home this past weekend, which resulted in a 6 a.m. flight out to Atlanta Saturday morning and a 9 a.m. flight back into Charleston on Sunday. However, the 27-hour trip was fruitful; my mom and I scooted off to the alterations lady, giving her ample time to have the dress altered and ready by the Monday before the big day (keeping my fingers crossed that all goes to plan).

2. Jamey and I became godparents! We mentioned this activity over Labor Day weekend, I still think it was pretty special. I’ve never been an aunt before, so the fact that Jamey and I are now beholden to a little baby niece until she is a grown-up is pretty cool. We even got a fun photo of the Monaclan:

The whole enchilada. Props to my dad for taking this pic!

3. Bachelorette festivities ensued! I had an absolute amazing time with several of my girlfriends on the South Carolina coast recently, as well. But what happens at the bachelorette party stays at the bachelorette party! Here’s a fairly tame photo inside the limo, with the mirrored ceiling reflecting on our faces:

Extra happy ladies in the back of the bachelorette limo to Myrtle Beach

Additionally, I came back to the beach earlier that day to find this happy message scrawled in the sand:

The lovely bachelorette ladies wrote me a special note!

Other exciting, nerve-wracking, wonderful, happy, and memorable moments have happened in the in-betweens of these dates, but these are just the highlights of the past whirlwind three weeks. Who can believe we are 32 days out from the Big Day? I certainly cannot since it feels like it’s been decades from the initial planning, but now that it’s here I can’t believe all the small things that still need to be addressed.

With that, I am off to finalize some wedding favor ideas (!!), wrap up a load of laundry, and hit the sack. A bride needs her beauty rest! Good grief…that might getting into the ridiculous territory.


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