Presidential Decisions.

Okay, this is a big deal, so Jamey and I had to resort to the blog to ask for your lovely opinion.

Jamey has a specific piece of music in mind for when we first enter our reception as Mr. and Mrs. James Monahan. If you are familiar with some of our more quirky interests and habits, you might be familiar with the fact that Jamey and I are huge West Wing fans. As in, we’ve lost entire Saturdays to watching episodes of this show for hours on end.

If you’ve never watched the West Wing, you are seriously missing out. I implore you head to the internet or Netflix or wherever you get your TV episodes to download or rent Season 3 of this show. Right now. Have you gone yet? Why are you still reading?

Now, there are certain wedding-related things that have come up over the course of our planning where Jamey and I have come to a point of disagreement. Right now, this is one of those instances. Jamey is of the mindset that we enter our reception – our first public appearance as Mr. and Mrs. James Monahan – to this particular theme, from none other than the introduction of every single West Wing episode:

Yeah, tell me about it. It is ridiculous, but as Jamey would argue, “Ridiculously awesome!”

This is where we turn to you, gentle readers. (Or probably not so gentle in this case, since I can see Jamey casting the net far and wide across the internets so that he can win this poll in any way possible.) Granted, this poll won’t necessarily be the deciding factor, but I suppose it will give him more clout (and a sizably larger head) to argue his point that it is indeed the right choice of music for our grand reception entrance.

So, what do you think?


3 thoughts on “Presidential Decisions.

  1. Well, it’s no Sopranos opening theme at least 🙂
    Honestly, it’s a beautiful piece of instrumental music.
    And how many people will recognize it as the opening theme from West Wing?
    And how much would y’all care?
    Just treat it as a musical choice rather than a pop culture one; it’ll be easier to decide.
    Also, I remember nothing from my wedding or my reception and barely anything from rehersal and rehersal dinner either. So don’t be surprised when the time of the event comes and you don’t pay a bit of attention to what’s playing because you’re too happy.


    • Yeah, neither of us is too worried about it, Lori. Mostly, we’re excited to be married.

      I, though, think it’s a beautiful piece of music, has a fun little meaning to us, and is the perfect length. So, my vote is clear!

      And it would appear that I’m winning!


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