The Summer of Belly Rubs

Well, looks like that New Year’s resolution didn’t work out so well. And how are you, this happy July?

Jamey and I, like we know you have as well, are in the midst of a summer scorcher. While we’re discussing other facts of life, we might as well throw out that we’re also now homeowners, pet owners, washer and dryer owners – oh, and let’s not forget that we also now possess a dishwasher. Life is amazing.

The home is worth hundreds of entries already, and it’s a shame I haven’t been blogging any of it. Still, let’s go back to the most important part of the above section: we now own a pet, and her name is Scarlett.

“Hello, I’m Scarlett.”

It’s funny how much has changed since we brought this little one into our home. We found Little Miss Scarlett running “gone with the wind,” and without a chip and the prospect of an owner on a rough side of the tracks, we picked her up and have made her ours. I think it’s safe to say she’s adopted us nicely as well.

“Oh, you’re cold? You should try having to go outside and use the restroom when it’s pouring. Don’t worry, I’ll snuggle up and dry off. I might as well be cute while I’m at it.”

While her timing was not quite ideal (we had just moved one week earlier), her presence has changed everything about our daily routine. And yes, I do know that my treatment of her is probably foreshadowing of some other future life event. Moving on.

I’ll work more details of the home itself into a future post. In the meantime, we’re all about Scarlett, Scarlett, Scarlett. 

Love to all of you, and we’re aiming to get back in the blogging groove one week (or six months) at a time. Here’s a parting shot of the little miss snuggling with our little niece, who stopped in for a whole family visit this afternoon in our new home.

New friends

Don’t you want to now come visit for a snuggle on the couch? Don’t worry, Jamey and I don’t take up too much space.


Jamey & Claire


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