Say it with me: bacon-wrapped scallops.

Well. This week just flew by, didn’t it?

I’ve been busy putting wedding material together the past few days, which has been a fun and time-consuming process. Luckily, Jamey entertained you today with a fun history post. (Don’t we wish he shared more like this?)

However, my labor for love hasn’t been all we’ve been up to this week. Jamey started bootcamp (not the army-kind, but the extreme workout version), we cooked duck confit in the sous vide (which you know we will blog the next go-round when I’m camera ready), my car broke down, was towed then brought back to life, and I had a race cancelled last night due to bad weather and street floods (plus some pretty crazy hail, which I have never seen in this town).

But really, it wasn’t a bad week despite the last bits. We even built up a little backlog of recipes to share!

One of these recent experiments was bacon wrapped sous vide scallops, which we pulled together a couple weeks ago. Should I say that again slowly? Bacon. Wrapped. Scallops. Drool with me, if you will.

Scallops, bacon, arancini. Oh, my.

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