Say it with me: bacon-wrapped scallops.

Well. This week just flew by, didn’t it?

I’ve been busy putting wedding material together the past few days, which has been a fun and time-consuming process. Luckily, Jamey entertained you today with a fun history post. (Don’t we wish he shared more like this?)

However, my labor for love hasn’t been all we’ve been up to this week. Jamey started bootcamp (not the army-kind, but the extreme workout version), we cooked duck confit in the sous vide (which you know we will blog the next go-round when I’m camera ready), my car broke down, was towed then brought back to life, and I had a race cancelled last night due to bad weather and street floods (plus some pretty crazy hail, which I have never seen in this town).

But really, it wasn’t a bad week despite the last bits. We even built up a little backlog of recipes to share!

One of these recent experiments was bacon wrapped sous vide scallops, which we pulled together a couple weeks ago. Should I say that again slowly? Bacon. Wrapped. Scallops. Drool with me, if you will.

Scallops, bacon, arancini. Oh, my.

Our sous vide escapades have so far only been in the poultry and pork lands, so we figured it was time to throw in a little shellfish. Scallops seemed like the easy way to go and a good starter to fish and shellfish, sous vide style.

Similar to the Tiny Urban Kitchen recipe, here’s how ours went down:

Even uncooked, applewood smoked bacon still looks delicious.

We hit up Whole Foods for our supplies: applewood smoked bacon and big diver scallops.

Before wrapping the scallops in bacon, Jamey drizzled them with a little olive oil and added a tiny bit of thyme. Only a little bit, though, because “aromatics can get crazy strong in the sous vide,” says the chef.

Into the sous vide they go.

Jamey then dropped the vacuum sealed bacon-wrapped scallops (I never get tired of saying that) into the sous vide for 40 minutes. It was at that time that I put the ready-made arancini into the oven, which apparently were also stuffed with scallops. (Jamey got a little excited at the sea food counter.)

At the end of the 40 minutes, we pulled those puppies out of the sous vide and threw them on the stove for a little searing. It was at that time we realized the bacon should probably be wrapped around the body of the scallop instead of the perimeter, since it all fell off and had to be cooked separately. Luckily, the scallops already absorbed the bacon-flavored goodness while in the sous vide, so it was all good:

Bacon in the skillet. This is a good thing.

I had earlier thrown some asparagus into the oven to roast, drizzled in olive oil, Italian seasoning, pepper and salt. We then served the bacon on the asparagus as the meal’s side.

Now, if you excuse me, I am going to go dream about this dinner for the rest of the afternoon…

Happy Easter weekend, everyone. Get excited for next week, when we cover our Easter egg escapades via the sous vide supreme!


9 thoughts on “Say it with me: bacon-wrapped scallops.

  1. Love it! Looks great. 🙂 Another thing I discovered – use the bacon/scallop juices left in the bag and use them to saute vegetables. I sauteed some oyster mushrooms with the jus and they tasted absolutely divine!


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