Yesterday afternoon, Jamey and I sat on our porch and basked in the late Sunday rays, books in hand and bellies full of a great Easter brunch.

Our front porch.

Jamey lounged on the chaise while I sprawled out over the rocker, and we mindlessly chatted about our house and the passers-by.

“Jamey, what should we write our blog post about tomorrow?” Most of our Sunday afternoons are spent tossing around this question. We review what we’ve recently cooked, who we’ve spent our time with, and what’s amused us the past few days.

Jamey closed his book and stretched. “I don’t know. What have we done this weekend?”

We both smiled, and together said, “Nothing.”

Aside from a few cooking experiments, a check-in of our limoncello, several strolls around the Charleston harbor, and a happy Easter, we reveled in taking a break from…everything else.

A lazy, idle weekend it was.

This Friday, we’ll return to Georgia for family time and necessary wedding business, and we’ll have a busy weekend once again. These trips always make us homesick for Georgia; for me, Charleston often feels like a wonderful, never-ending vacation. It’s the one fault of this town, and my chief complaint anytime someone asks me how I like living here. Half the time we’re sitting on our porch, I’m distracted by the historic buildings surrounding us, the tourists walking by – even the massive palmetto tree right in our front yard. It’s just funny to me that we live here.

I always find my groove when we return to Charleston, and the coming summer means more travelers, activities, and errands to do. Lazy weekends will be few and far between.

Still, an idle weekend of doing nothing is needed every once in a while to recharge. I’m glad we had this one as a time to reflect, meditate, and simply having nothing to do at all.


6 thoughts on “R&R

  1. Jamey and Claire,

    I am enjoying the blog. It is really helping me to get to know you, Claire.
    Keep writing. Guess it is the old teacher in me that I love to read the posts.
    Hope to see you both very soon.
    Love, Maxine


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