P’s and Q’s

Yesterday while at work, I made what I think is a very funny comment,
but no one else laughed. So I am going to inflict it on the people who bother to read this.

I was in a conference call with some clients and we were reviewing an excel spreadsheet.
My teammate asked a question to the client, “Do you have a status on item number 4?”

The reply: “I have updated it in columns P and Q.”

To which I replied, “You should be minding your P’s and Q’s.”

Pay attention to them.

Genius, right?

There was a half-chuckle from someone in the room with me and a bit of a giggle on the phone. I am still shocked no one else found it that amusing. I mean… it’s funny on multiple levels.

Allow me to explain.

Level 1: I was telling this lady that if she’d paid attention to the details then she would have seen the answer to her question without having to ask. This is funny because the phrase “Mind your Ps and Qs” means you should pay attention to details.

Level 2: If she had reviewed columns P and Q she wouldn’t have had to ask the question, so “Mind your Ps and Qs” meant to review those columns.

A fantastic joke.

A Different Commute

These days, my commute to work has been pretty horrible.

The walk to work - pretty horrible, right?

Cobblestones, lush ferns, historic buildings – clearly, this kind of walk is not miserable by any means. In reality, the fact that I can walk to work is such a luxury that I’m happy enough to leave the house in the mornings (well, almost). I argue that it’s better than Jamey’s commute, which still has its fair share of red lights and too much traffic despite the breathtaking view the Ravenel Bridge offers of the Charleston Harbor in the mornings and evenings. Continue reading