Winter Wonderland!

Today Charleston was hit by the same winter storm that’s sweeping the South East. But in typical Charleston fashion, our storm has it’s own flair.

This is my typical commute:

My typical commute...

It takes about 20 minutes and can be really pretty. I cross the harbor and can see the sun come up. Occasionally I even get to drive over a fog bank, those are the coolest times.

That’s what I had on my way to work this morning. It was cold and rainy, but still only took about 20 minutes.

My way home today, though, was less enjoyable:

Frozen commute...

As you can see this was quite a bit longer. 78 miles, to be exact… There is no way across the Cooper river without that bridge.

Part of the beauty of living in Charleston is crossing the bridges and seeing the whole area laid out before you. But man, what a price today. It took me two hours to get home because of those two closed bridges.

Bright side, though, is that my trip to NYC(For work) has been cancelled.

Now to finish that crazy Japanese plum wine…


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