Hurricane Irene, Mary and Cameron.

We’ve had a lot of hurricane inquiries, and I just wanted to put the word out there that Jamey and I are cool, calm and collected. (I am sure he will argue differently about myself, but he can blog about it if I really get hysterical.) We’ve had some weird weather in these parts this year, haven’t we? Luckily, I ducked out of work with the rest of my office at noon today, since schools are closed, winds are high and people in general are just worried (and not driving as attentively, as a result).

Right now, it looks like Irene is going to keep moving north past us. All we have experienced today is high wind and quite a bit of rain. (I’d take a picture of our front yard for you, but it just looks like rain. I figured your imaginations can put the rest of that vision together.) If anything, we’ll probably just move our vehicles into a covered garage and camp out for the night, but our thoughts are with all our friends up the East Coast who might see worse. Keep us posted on what happens with all of y’all on that route.

As for us, we are going to North Carolina tomorrow for the wedding of these crazy lovebirds!

Mary & Cameron from beach weekend last year. I have other pics, but this one just sums up their love quite well!

Mary & Cameron started dating soon after us, and their engagement was also just a few weeks after we got engaged as well. I’m so excited to help them celebrate as they start their married lives together, and I love that we all be able to always look back on this time in our lives with equal appreciation. (Our other friends Tyler and Chip also got engaged earlier this summer – they too are in the midst of this romantic, happy experience – and are blogging about it!)

Clearly, I am bubbling over with love and joy for everyone. I am also just getting more and more excited for our own Big Day; thinking about how much fun it will be, as well as being surrounded by so many people I love, easily gives me chills.

Okay, I’m going to wrap it up before I start to let the sap seep a little too long. But really, my heart is just bursting!

Thank you again for your hurricane concerns. We really do hope our friends up the coast stay safe; don’t forget to brush up on your hurricane prep if you haven’t already!


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