Registry info: Updated!

Hi all! Just a note that Jamey and I have updated the registry section of our Wedding tab. We are currently registered at two places, Belles Beaux & Gifts in Madison, Ga., and Target. You can find our registries on both stores’ websites by searching for me, Claire Lenenski.

We’re also planning to register at Pottery Barn, but in the meantime you can browse our current lists.

Thank you!

Update: Pottery Barn registry is now active!

So much for a productive Friday

So…many of you might be wondering if I am all up in arms over the royal wedding coverage.

Now, Kate is kind of my kindred spirit. Jamey might have gotten some inspiration from my engagement ring, so basically she and I are best friends.

I have been going back and forth over whether I want to wake up/stay up for the 3 a.m. pre-wedding start time. How much havoc do I want to reap on my day tomorrow if I dare stay awake?

Well, this picture has allowed me to make my decision: Continue reading

Restless Nights

So it happened. I had my first night of dreams about The Wedding.

These dreams were made up of a few sub-types:

  • I was late to the wedding and missed it.
  • I had too many drinks during the day and showed up to the church drunk. -Not sure how this would happen…
  • Couldn’t find my tux. -This actually resulted in arriving to the ceremony naked…

I suppose this kind of thing is normal when the wedding is a lot of what Claire and I talk about these days, but it sure doesn’t make for a restful night’s sleep.

The Date…not yet decided

Since the engagement, one of the most frequently asked questions Jamey and I have faced is “When’s the wedding?” And truly, we would love nothing more than to be able to answer this question – particularly me.

To Jamey's relief, this will NOT be us on our wedding day.

If I had an answer, that would mean the venue was already selected for the wedding, reception, or wedding+reception. Right now, that seems to be the biggest issue we are facing.

We’re in the process of investigating a few places, but so far our locations to potentially tie the knot are in Madison, Ga., the Atlanta area, or perhaps Pawleys Island, S.C. – somewhere in the Southeast region of the United States, if I need to be general.

Therefore, friends, if you have any suggestions or tips, I would more than love to hear them. I’ll be making a trip back to Georgia in a few weeks to do some in-person touring, and then we’ll hopefully have a date.

– Claire