Isn’t there a song called “Anticipation”? I think there is. I need to fish around for this before I can fully post, since now I have some song that has “anticipation” in the lead lyrics stuck in my head.

Oh, now I am really lame. The version I just was singing in my head wasn’t even the original by Carly Simon…

…it was the Mandy Moore cover.

I may not be able to redeem myself.

BUT! Back to the origin of this post, and the reason why anticipation is indeed building.

Yes, we’re still getting married; yes, it’s still many months away; yes, Jamey and I do plan to adopt a puppy, but not (sadly!) yet.

We are going to be dining at Husk Restaurant in approximately two and a half weeks!

If you’re familiar with the Charleston dining scene at all, you’ll know that James Beard award-winning chef Sean Brock opened Husk last fall. To our delight, it’s not only a block and a half from our house downtown, but it’s on our street.

The New York Times captures one of Brock’s tantalizing new dishes in a review of Husk today:

And his Carolina Gold rice was served as if it were risotto, creamy and toothsome at once, with local mushrooms and an egg from Sea Island (its yolk the brightest orange), surrounded by a broth flavored with ham hocks. The dish managed to evoke the marshy salinity of the air that rises off the flats of the Cooper River at low tide, as dogs run into the water below the Carolina Yacht Club. This was the promise of Husk revealed, local cooking at its best.

The review alone makes me want to reread The Prince of Tides.

Perhaps you can now understand why my anticipation is indeed peaked. My mom will be coming in to town for her birthday that weekend, and I can’t think of a better way for her to ring in another year of her “thirties” than to experience Husk.  We have been looking for an excuse to check out our new neighbor down the block, and this definitely seems like the right time to do so.

So, Mama: get ready for an all-out Top Chef dining experience. Can’t wait to spend your birthday with you!


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