Husk Dining and Mom Visits

Oftentimes, I find it difficult to round-up a weekend when there’s so much to say of what went down. But this weekend is in need of a recap, since it’s one of those that stands out in a year of already so much excellence.

Friday evening Mom got in, and we hung around the house before making our way over to Husk. Now, my excitement for Husk has been palpable through several posts now. When we arrived at the bar for drinks before dinner, I was positively giddy. There, we found ourselves seated in the rafters of an old but new building – one decorated to tease the eye, transporting the diner to the rusted ambiance of a southern farm.

It’s a shame that the meal itself was not exactly the meal of my Husk dreams. Perhaps it didn’t help that my expectations were beyond high, but then again I was expecting to be blown away from start to finish.

From the start, Jamey made the comment that it felt like we were seated in the visitors’ dining room – which, in a way, does present an accurate picture. We struggled to talk over our table neighbors, along with the Woman with a Distinctive Laugh cackling from the back of the room.  The building’s design does nothing to lessen the volume. Or, maybe this is just how a typical Friday night at Husk is.

The duck breast I had was the highlight of the evening. Mom and Jamey both went for the pork belly, which sadly did not earn soaring reviews from either of them. This doesn’t say it wasn’t good, it just wasn’t exquisite. Everything was cooked elegantly, except for the poor bacon cornbread that got burned. (We should have had something different; this was not the kind of cornbread I was expecting.)

But the dessert…oh, the dessert was definitely out of this world. Krispy Kreme ice cream…that’s really all I can remember. My mind is slipping away to tasting this frozen concoction yet again, and I think this by far has been the best dessert I’ve had in all of Charleston. Mom’s was divine as well, but right now the ice cream is all I can think about.

It’s funny how, despite all this incredible food Friday night, where we went the next day has unfortunately become what I would love to have as a common staple in my diet: hot dogs.

That's right.

Skoogie’s in Mount Pleasant has been life-changing for me in a way, since I’ve never been a huge hot dog eater. These days, I find myself pining away for an All the Way and a side of seasoned fries and a diet Pepsi (gag – only fault of the establishment) if my lunch mind drifts. And since my mother is a devoted hot dog devourer, you can bet we took her her to continue her birthday weekend.

In between times, Mom and I shopped, walked, and wandered around Charleston. She also stayed through last night to watch the Oscars with me, which would be a whole post to itself if I actually cared about what went down. (No surprises? No shockers? No really memorable moments or hosts? Just bring me Oscar season 2013 and The Hobbit Part I.)

But it was a wonderful weekend, and we couldn’t have asked for better weather. Honestly, this gorgeous weather is getting out of control; I’m going to soon get spoiled and hot, and back to the air conditioning I’ll go.

(Actually, it’s 78 degrees on the thermostat right now…air conditioning sounds pretty good at the moment.)


5 thoughts on “Husk Dining and Mom Visits

  1. Also.

    No memorable moments from the Oscars?! What about Christian Bale? I have heard good things, but I was in rural Pennsylvania at the time and didn’t get to see it.


  2. And let me just add, as part of this weekend equation, this couldn’t have been a better birthday weekend for me. Seriously fun time with my daughter and future son-in-law. Thank you for everything, my sweets, it was awesome!


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