Cell Phones

Jamey is a gadget guy. Always has been, always will be.

Too bad this thing doesn't have a Pandora app.

So it was no surprise two weeks ago when Jamey posed the question, “Should I switch cell phones?”

Now, I am no authority on cell phones in this day and age. I trotted along quite nicely with my old LG through high school and into college. Come senior year I entered the 21st century with a Blackberry Pearl, which – incredibly – synced my email from two accounts. It was amazing! Internet on a phone! Who would have ever thought?

Last fall, I made the switch along with the rest of the Lenenski household to iPhones. The glorious, glorious iPhone was finally mine, and I revel in its awesomeness.

Now, Jamey once had an iPhone. As of last week he had an Evo, and now he has something that is smaller but still an Android. I can’t keep up.

I think what baffles me the most about the cell phone industry is how quickly it changes. I do like to think I am ahead of the curve with technology most of the time, but it’s hard for me to keep a finger on the pulse of its constant improvements. The introduction of Android mobiles threw me; I even remember when Blackberry came out, and I thought, “What a strange name for a phone!” Har, har.

Despite the fact that Jamey has been on three different carriers with three different phones in the time I’ve known him, I’m glad to have such a gadget geek in my life. It’s good when I can just shoot him a quick note and ask him to explain technology to me, like today’s questions I had about Google Voice and why this is a valuable tool for someone with multiple phone lines – or really, any phone line at all. (And if you haven’t heard about this, you really should check it out. One phone number for the rest of your life that forwards to all your phones? That’s pretty cool.)

Even when we’re old and gray, I like to think that Jamey will just as eagerly be pre-ordering the iPad 40G – especially since the meaning of the “G” is still something I have yet to figure out.


4 thoughts on “Cell Phones

  1. It stands for Generation, Doll.

    The new phone is the LG Optimus V. It’s pretty great because it’s about as completely stock Android as you can get.

    There was too much bloat from Sprint and HTC on the Evo for me. It slowed down a phone that had better specs than the computer I took to college:
    I can't believe I could find this...
    Behold the majesty of this thing.

    If I recall correctly it was a Intel Celeron (The initial generation) 667 MHZ processor with 64mb of RAM and a 750mb hard drive. Man it’s nuts I remember that…

    The Evo phone has a 1ghz Snapdragon processor, 256mb of RAM and 8gb of space.

    Good lord… my new phone actually has two processors, so… this comment is getting out of hand, though.


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