I won!

Something awesome happened to me last night: I happened to be playing around on Twitter, saw a freebie contest via Charlie Magazine, and Tweeted my answer. Lo and behold I won! Not just anything, either: Jamey and I will be attending the first Dining with Whiting dinner series at Tristan.

I mean, really. Could they have picked a better winner?

We probably won't be eating this, but doesn't it look delicious?

Jamey will return tomorrow with a review of our Tristan meal. Get excited, since you know we will be documenting this like we do – and Tweeting, and probably Facebooking. So why not just follow us all over the Internet?

Thanks, @readCHARLIE and @TristanDining! Can’t wait for tonight.


8 thoughts on “I won!

    • I also got free tickets once to see Lil Jon, Akon, and Bonecrusher in concert for 95.5 The Beat’s (R.I.P.) birthday bash via Twitter. You sure missed out on that one!


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