Dinner from Monday, posted on Friday

Well, it seems that Jamey did not fulfill his agreement to write about our Tristan dinner, so I’ll just have to take care of that at some point. In the meantime, here are some sous vide pork chop videos from our dinner Monday night (you can hear me with my little “Action!” cue at the beginning of the video…I am such a dork):

…and Jamey finishing up to the spinach and onions for the completed meal:

We’ve definitely reached the point of the season where we can sit comfortably in our house with the windows and doors open. I feel like this was never something we could do comfortably when I was growing up in Georgia, since the spring typically goes from frigid ice days one week to blazing hot 85 degree temperatures the next.

How ya like our new Ikea candles?

Of course, we do have 85 degree temperatures and more here in Charleston, but the spring has been a gradual, creeping warmth here in the lowcountry. Meals with this ambiance make me love eating at home even more.

Here’s to a relaxing weekend in the lowcountry. We’ll be cooking a lot, and my college friend Sarby is coming into town any minute now. Can’t wait for the good times to begin, even though these past few weeks have been one good time after another.

Happy Friday!


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