You’re hot ‘n you’re cold

Let me paint a picture for you.

Your name is James, and you’re on a business trip in Somewhere, Pennsylvania on a Wednesday near the end of March. You’re cold, but you’re not one to complain because you’re tough. And when you’re tough, you mean business, which is why you’re there so it all works out.

However, one early Wednesday morning in Somewhere, Pennsylvania, you pull back your hotel room curtain with the hopes of a bright, sunshine-filled morning. Instead, you see this:

A hotel view in Somewhere, Pennsylvania

A cold, dark scene awaits. Perhaps some derogatory thoughts enter your head, and you wish for home.

Miles away, your sweet financee is driving around Charleston, South Carolina to find a wedding dress for the day of your marriage. She drives with nervous anticipation, heading to a store in an unfamiliar area to search for what she hopes will lead to The One. She sweats in her car, and suddenly realizes it is not a sweat from nerves or anxiety. No, to her chagrin, the temperature outside reads this:

Yes, that reads 87 degrees.

For a moment, she shakes her fist at the South and its inability to ever have spring longer than a week. She reminisces about her years in Ohio – a cold, wretched time cursed by the midwestern winters, but a time wrought with intensity and soul-shaking chill. A chill that inspires, invigorates, and educates the body and mind.

So, as the ever brave and tough James, you soldier on to your work meetings and pine for the moments you can spend in your Southern sun again. You still have no positive words for the cold. But then you think about your ever brave fiancee, who has learned to adapt to what a coastal spring is like, and you identify with her midwestern winters that made her the woman she is today.

In other news, it was inescapably hot yesterday in Charleston, while Jamey faced six inches of snow. Nothing in this world ever makes sense. Oh, weather.


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