It’s Friiiiiiday

Many things are happening today that make me very happy:

1) Jamey is going to be back from Pennsylvania;

2) We’re going to scoot up to Pawleys for the evening to have fun with his parents and their friends;

and 3) we are taking the necessary ingredients to make some garden sours.

Other than that, who knows what this weekend has in store. We probably are going to take care of some household-y things tomorrow (like re-potting our poor lavender plant and ferns…more on that later), and catch up on other miscellaneous Charleston things that probably won’t involve leaving the three-block radius of our house. (I’m thinking a grocery store run might be in store, and when I say run I mean walk. That’s a little more than three blocks…but you get the gist.)

This weekend is also one of the last before we get really busy, since April is a slammed month of traveling (mostly Jamey) and travelers (can’t wait for a few select visitors to make their way down to my humble abode!) In the meantime, we’re going to savor this weekend and make the most of our time together.

Hope y’all have a great weekend!

P.S. – How do you like our new banner and tagline? We figured “Blabbin’, Cookin’, and Lovin'” better represented our current conversations – which doesn’t mean I’ll finally simmer down on wedding talk. Oh, no. We are just getting started.


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