Another round of garden sours and fun

Before this post can even begin, the big question is: does anyone know of a good photo collage-making website? Because seriously, this has plagued me all day and I can’t seem to find the website that once changed my life with this ability. (Suggestions, please. I am really, really really really in need of finding the answer to this question. Back to the original post.)

How was everyone’s weekend? Ours was eventful and relaxing, which always is the perfect combination. It also put in to motion several blog posts for this week that I think you will find quite entertaining, if you find us so. (And I assume you do – otherwise, why are you here?)

Friday, we scooted up to Pawleys Island for an overnight trip with Jamey’s parents and their friends from Williamsburg. It was great to hear more stories about little Jamey, reminisce of Georgia, and have a delicious meal with a great group of people. (I am craving some of those clams and sauce right now…this flashback to winter weather is draining.)

Crazy-eyed group pic at Frank’s

We also took the gear to make garden sours for the group, which didn’t turn out as well as they usually do.

Displeased Jamey using the Magic Bullet

An unfortunately pulpy garden sour












The pulpy version sent us on a mission to Target, where we found ourselves a sieve that gave us glorious garden sours Sunday evening.

And oh, my friends, I think we finally have reached mixology perfection.

Springtime in Charleston.

With a food processor purchased and the fabulous sieve, we’ve mastered the garden sour. This is officially a $15 cocktail, done on our little homemade budget.

Skim out the cucumber pulp...


Add a little lime zest...

And voila. The only way to kickoff springtime in Charleston.

The perfect cinch to a rainy weekend.

Stay tuned for our dinner recipe, in which we made “The Other White Chili.” Have a good night!


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