Our things

One of the crazier experiences that I’ve noticed lately, is how few possessions I have.

I still own the same number of things or -to be more accurate- the things I’ve purchased over the years are still in my house, but they’re no longer “my” things. They’re “ours.”

For instance.

Today Claire and I were discussing honeymoon locations when Claire said:

Why don’t you look that up on the ipad?

An innocent enough statement, you might say. But let’s look at the implications here.

The iPad is definitely something I paid for. It’s what I read books on before going to sleep every night, watch movies on while travelling, play games on long flights from home, work on when my laptop won’t fit in my airplane seat, etc. When I bought the thing, Claire always teased me about spending so much of my money on “your iPad.”

But that was a year ago -and another serious purchase ago.

Now it’s not “your silly iPad” it’s “the iPad” and trending towards “Our iPad.”

This statement made me think of other things around the house that have ceased to have that “your” adjective associated with them. Now it’s things like:

  • The Car (My car…)
  • The TV -this includes The Media PC, that I bought, configured, installed, etc.
  • The Furniture
  • The Paycheck -joking!

What’s even more amusing, though, is the things have stayed mine:

  • Your Laundry
  • Your Bills
  • Your dishes
  • Your Mess – Which is usually created whilst making Someone’s favorite cocktail.

I’d like to think this is a special experience that I’m going through and it’s unique to Claire and I alone.

But, I’m sure it’s not.

And on reflection, I’m happy that I’m going through something that Claire’s father invariably felt, my father invariably felt, my brothers invariably felt. Hopefully I will be able to continue following their excellent examples.

Besides, it is Our Future that we’re creating.


Please note: This is very tongue-in-cheek little post. I couldn’t be happier that Claire is appropriating my possessions. I asked her to in the first place!


3 thoughts on “Our things

  1. It’s funny – I’m the opposite. I always say, “my iPad” and he corrects me with, “our iPad>” I have yet to claim things are ‘ours’ yet… perhaps I’m just a tad possessive? 🙂


  2. Also, when did I tease you about spending so much money on *your* iPad? I think some words are being put in my mouth around these parts.


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