From belt buckles to wedding dresses

After yesterday’s somewhat somber note, I figured I should 180 the tone of this blog with a little sass from Jamey. We need to bring the silly back.

Therefore, today we bring you another round of The Internet and Alcohol Do Not Mix, part deux. Here’s a picture of the man model himself:

Bit the bullet and bought the belt buckle.

Yes, that is what you think it is: Jamey had a little too much Firefly and lemonade one night last week and bought himself a new belt buckle – made of bullets. Ridiculous.

I can’t remember at the moment what kind of gun from which these bullets fire, but it’s Jamey’s favorite. (Since – apparently – people have favorite guns…?)

Even I have to admit this is a pretty fun purchase. I love when people turn random objects into articles of clothing or jewelry, and this definitely is a unique wear. (For those looking to buy some bullet paraphernalia, hop over to the Etsy shop where Jamey found the item. You know you’ve been looking for a pair of bullet earrings, ladies!)

Jamey has already declared he is going to wear it everywhere except the airport. I am in favor of this idea – not wearing it an airport, I mean.

Wedding question: Do men have any rendition of the bride’s “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”? I myself have been mulling over the blue item in my wedding day garb, but I think it’s going to have to depend on what dress I choose. (Still need to get on this, along with fixing my car. Which one do you think is more of a priority at the moment…?)

In the meantime, I’ll keep searching for something special. Maybe my own version of a bullet belt buckle will surface in the near future, preferably in the form of a wedding dress that is within my budget. I’d also prefer ivory color, taffeta or lace fabric, and with straps or a sweetheart neckline, in case you need me to be specific… Or not,but finding a dress at this point is overwhelming all thoughts at the moment, which is how I can start off writing a post about Jamey and wind my way back to wedding dresses.

Tomorrow, upon Jamey’s return, I do think I’ll find a little more grounding in this week. We’re also going to attend a Firefly and Left Hand Brewery paired dinner at the Village Post House, which you’ll have to wait to hear more about! Nothing like a special dinner to welcome Jamey back to Charleston. My friend Anne will also be accompanying us too, and I’m looking forward to seeing her again since the Bridge Run a couple weeks ago now.

I also just noticed that the first course is steamed mussels. I have been undergoing a serious shellfish kick lately, so now my mouth is watering in anticipation of this course alone.

It seems like only a little bit of food thoughts can straighten me out, since now I feel back on track. Just you wait until you hear about our Sunday plans: I think your minds might actually be blown from what we aim to accomplish in our little apartment kitchen. Get ready!


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