Postponed Recipes and Photo Spreads

Today was supposed to be my big recipe post of this glorious stuff:

That would be smoked chicken penne pasta with pesto.

…Except I did the unthinkable and can’t remember the details for the pesto recipe. (I know, right?)

I even have step-by-step pictures, but my brain is fried from excess thinking and too many hours in Target last night. We’ll just have to put that off for now until Jamey can go over it with me again later. I think I remember all the ingredients, but I don’t think you’re in the mood for a listed-out recipe today anyway, are you? Thought so.

There are too many fun things and thirsty Thursdays to prepare for in this world, including our very special Firefly/Lefthand Brewery dinner tonight at Village Post House. (Clearly I am excited since I have now said multiple times the full names of all companies involved with this dinner. Nothing like encouraging SEO traffic with mentions of libations and delicious food!)

I’m in the mood to do a photo spread, since we’ve had many a memorable moment in photo form over the past few weeks and not nearly enough posts in which to share them. Also, since some of you are not on Facebook and/or are not FB friends with the both of us, pictures – good pictures – sometimes slide by the wayside. And we can’t possibly have that.

Depending on how this post goes over with you, we might just need to make this a little routine from time to time – especially on the mornings when Claire feels a greater need to turn around and crawl back in bed, and in this case, when she starts writing about herself from a third person perspective.

I’ll just hush up now and will give you the photos.

On Sunday, Jamey reached a new level as food savant when he successfully pulled the smoked pork right off the bone for dinner when the girls were here. The more I look at this picture, the more I love it: Jamey truly is in his happy place.

The man, the pork bone, the legend.

As for this next one, I just had to take this picture for my family. Lenenskis, this is for you: I saw it while I was working at the Family Circle Cup last week. This might be the most epic concert anyone could ever attend, and by epic I mean phenomenally awful:

No really, how AM I supposed to live without you?

The Michael Bolton headliner is just a tease.

And finally, a picture of my happy place to round out the random…

Nothing like a Charleston Harbor Sky.

Cruising along the Harbor, catching the sights from the passenger seat, windows down and my man beside me – even if a Lowe’s visit is all we have on the schedule. Now that’s a happy place.


3 thoughts on “Postponed Recipes and Photo Spreads

    • Are we the only ones who comment? Ah well, who cares. It is a blog about us and for us!

      Wish you were home too. I’ll try to take some pictures tonight, along with meet a wealthy antiques store-owning couple.


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