All that Alpha Centauri gaming has paid off.

Even though Jamey and I are already expert multi-taskers, we sometimes find ways to take our daydreams to a whole new level – especially now that dreaming about Belize will be a daily occurrence until October 24.

James: seriously, the more I read about Coco Plum, the more I want to expatriate  if I win the lotto

I’m definitely going to go down there and create an empire

Claire: why do you have to win the lotto to do that? so you can just not have to work anymore?
James: so I can buy large tracts of lands and islands
then develop infrastructure, communications, etc.
 Claire: oh, so you mean a literal empire.
James: yeah
  like I become Prime Minister empire
 Claire: I see. that’s some good motivation.
 Can I just be a queen?
 James: you already are, Darling

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