Honeymoon = BOOKED.

You guys, we have something very important to announce (no, I have not yet bought The Dress or designed the invitations or any of the important stuff like that, but…): we booked the honeymoon!

Coco Plum Island, Belize - the view when we arrive!

Since I got the Google Calendar invitation from Jamey on Friday, I (we) have been flipping out. I even went shopping yesterday and couldn’t help myself from already checking out honeymoon wear. (I just want a lot of beautiful linen sundresses, so of course I tried 304 on yesterday and bought zero. Whatever, it was a trying-on purpose just to get excited.)

Oh you know, people kayaking in crystal waters of the Gulf of Mexico. No big deal.

Before we selected Belize, we had been going back and forth all over the Caribbean and the Gulf trying to choose the ideal honeymoon location. There are so many gorgeous, unbelievable places that it seems you really can’t go wrong with your choice anywhere in the region. (In fact, all this researching only further opened my eyes to so many other amazing places I want to g0 some day.)

I’ve been to Belize once, and it was only a day trip while my family was cruising the Caribbean. Still, it was a beyond incredible experience that resonated with me then, and I’ve always known I wanted to return. I’m even more grateful now that I get to go with my future husband.

How did that pic of me get in here? Jamey!

I stumbled upon Coco Plum Cay while Googling Belizean all inclusive resorts, and I was completely blown away by its offerings, Trip Advisor reviews, images, and the exclusivity of the island. (Freakout break: we are going to a private island!)

One of the islands 10 private cabanas.

Not only will we have a private cabana, but our package includes day excursions, snorkeling, and other special amenities.

It really is going to be so perfect. Now if we didn’t have to wait six months…

Were going to be friends with this man by the end of the trip.

No crazy tourists, no hassle, no planning involved: just eight days of revelry in paradise. I think it will certainly be a great way to start our marriage together.

Cannot imagine a better view.


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