Little House on Queen

This Saturday, Jamey and I got up, puttered around our house for an hour or so, then headed out for a day of errands, antiquing, and house-hunting. The latter part was just a peek into a home we found on Craigslist last week, but we figured we might as well explore a few options before our lease is up at the end of August.

Our little house.

I have to admit that while I love our house, there are a few major downsides – notably, the lack of a dishwasher and washer & dryer. Stepping into our house at the end of the day with its crazy 60s kitchen often feels like a step back in time, especially due to the lack of modern technology. Having these upgrades in the house would most definitely improve our quality of life; plus, we would love to have a little dog. Still, we’ve realized that with the wedding this fall and then the oncoming holidays, getting a dog before the end of the year probably is not a realistic thought. It would also not be fair to the little dog, who would have to be kenneled or left behind while we travel back to Georgia (and other notable locations) for extended periods of time.

As I’ve looked for more places to move, I’ve realized just how much I do love where we are so privileged to live. Charleston is a magical place, and the French Quarter is especially full of that history and magic we so appreciate. Looking around other areas, it’s hard to imagine moving now when I have become attached to this little neighborhood – unless we plan to move for permanence’s sake.

It’s funny how much this little house can tug on my heartstrings when I start thinking about it seriously. It’s the place where Jamey and I really began our lives together, where we shared our first together-holidays, and where he proposed. Even though we didn’t need this home to make any of those moments happen, its walls hold those stories. That alone has turned the sentimental dial up tenfold.

I can’t wait for the day we have our own little house to keep our dog, invite friends over to the backyard patio for an evening, tend our herbs, and maybe even have a little kid of our own running around in the front yard. But for now, our little house on Queen is a pretty sweet spot in this world.


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