Back home and booking it

It’s funny: even if we take a few days off from the blog, Jamey and I still spend so many conversations planning future posts. “Oh, take a picture! That’d be a good blog post!” and “Should we make this? We could blog about it…would probably be popular with the readers,” etc. are two of many topics we throw around. We truly are devoted to all of you, dear readers.

I did start a new job at the end of last week, which explains where I’ve been. And can you believe it? Jamey is finally back in town!

To start the weekend off right, Jamey and I went to our favorite nearby Greek restaurant and ordered this:

The Super Steve/Sam whoever Special. So glad we have leftovers right about now.

Jamey suggested I take a picture before we dig in, but $18.99 for this whole stinkin’ thing? You better believe we split that delicious puppy with two side salads and an extra helping of Greek potatoes. The shrimp are my favorite part, so Jamey in all his thoughtfulness began to brainstorm how we can recreate the shrimp Jamey&Claire-style. (We’re thinking this seasoning might do the trick, which is what we use to give our Greek burgers an awesome kick. Now to figure out how they sauté those shrimp to get them just right…)

The rest of the weekend was a celebration of Jamey’s returning home, which equalled not doing too much and thinking about very little, coupled with some good food, drink, and time with friends. On Sunday, we even found a $0.99 book sale that of course we rocked by making a $16 total purchase:

Can you guess which are Jamey and which are Claire books?

Jamey’s currently reading Citizen Washington, and I surprisingly started and finished On Chesil Beach within a few hours yesterday afternoon. (My review is over here, but basically I can’t believe I got sucked into a McEwan book once again…) Either way, $0.99 on barely touched semi-new hardbacks is a win-win (especially since a new book by one of my favorite authors just came out last week, and now I am so glad I was patient). These books will get me through much of the summer.

I’ll elaborate on more of our weekend in some regularly scheduled blog posts to come. For now, hope you are off to a happy Monday!


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