In order to serve our dear readers a little more assiduously than we have been lately, I’m writing a brief post to state that we’re home.

We’re home. 

This was us most of last week

Since we’ve gotten home, though, we’ve been just as busy as we were leading up to the wedding. Our house looks like a FedEx warehouse -thanks to our amazingly generous friends & family- and we’ve scheduled a weekend of cleaning, redecorating, and donating(Of our old stuff). I, for one, couldn’t be more excited to putter around the house for the weekend.

But -before we can retreat to normalcy- I have to thank all our amazing friends and family. The sheer volume of love, support, gifts, laughs, cheers, and jokes we shared over the course of our Wedding Weekend is shocking. The idea that I can express the depth of our appreciation  is, frankly, insane. I always knew that I was surrounded by people that loved me and wished me the best, but last week it was thrown into my face. It was humbling.



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