Say it with me: bacon-wrapped scallops.

Well. This week just flew by, didn’t it?

I’ve been busy putting wedding material together the past few days, which has been a fun and time-consuming process. Luckily, Jamey entertained you today with a fun history post. (Don’t we wish he shared more like this?)

However, my labor for love hasn’t been all we’ve been up to this week. Jamey started bootcamp (not the army-kind, but the extreme workout version), we cooked duck confit in the sous vide (which you know we will blog the next go-round when I’m camera ready), my car broke down, was towed then brought back to life, and I had a race cancelled last night due to bad weather and street floods (plus some pretty crazy hail, which I have never seen in this town).

But really, it wasn’t a bad week despite the last bits. We even built up a little backlog of recipes to share!

One of these recent experiments was bacon wrapped sous vide scallops, which we pulled together a couple weeks ago. Should I say that again slowly? Bacon. Wrapped. Scallops. Drool with me, if you will.

Scallops, bacon, arancini. Oh, my.

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Old Village Eatings

Last night didn’t turn out exactly as planned. If you haven’t yet followed our Twitter feed (get on that!), but Jamey’s flight was cancelled yesterday morning, which invariably led to my cancelling of his dinner reservation. Luckily, my friend Anne was still onboard, and the evening turned into a wonderful girls’ night out at Old Village Post House in Mt. Pleasant.

Look at these jerks who get to have homes right on the water.

The Old Village is tucked away in the off-beaten paths of Charleston, where every home has a front porch as wide as the house and trees draped with Spanish moss. The homes in this neck of the woods epitomize Lowcountry living, settled into the marsh and most glorious at the time of the evening sunset. (I used to live in the Old Village, and wandering over there last night made me want to live there again.)

Dinner was a lovely progression of food and beer tastings, paired with brews from Lefthand Brewing. While the food was good, what really overpowered each course were the beers themselves.

I’ve never paired multiple courses with beer before, and I’m not sure this one exactly turned me into a beer pairing convert. I still am astounded by the incredible wine and food pairings we had at Tristan…those flavors truly were exceptional. Therefore, the bar was already set extremely high when I sat down for my meal last night. It’s hard to compete when the last paired wine five-course meal you had blew anything else out of the water.  Continue reading

Postponed Recipes and Photo Spreads

Today was supposed to be my big recipe post of this glorious stuff:

That would be smoked chicken penne pasta with pesto.

…Except I did the unthinkable and can’t remember the details for the pesto recipe. (I know, right?)

I even have step-by-step pictures, but my brain is fried from excess thinking and too many hours in Target last night. We’ll just have to put that off for now until Jamey can go over it with me again later. I think I remember all the ingredients, but I don’t think you’re in the mood for a listed-out recipe today anyway, are you? Thought so.

There are too many fun things and thirsty Thursdays to prepare for in this world, including our very special Firefly/Lefthand Brewery dinner tonight at Village Post House. (Clearly I am excited since I have now said multiple times the full names of all companies involved with this dinner. Nothing like encouraging SEO traffic with mentions of libations and delicious food!)

I’m in the mood to do a photo spread, since we’ve had many a memorable moment in photo form over the past few weeks and not nearly enough posts in which to share them. Also, since some of you are not on Facebook and/or are not FB friends with the both of us, pictures – good pictures – sometimes slide by the wayside. And we can’t possibly have that.

Depending on how this post goes over with you, we might just need to make this a little routine from time to time – especially on the mornings when Claire feels a greater need to turn around and crawl back in bed, and in this case, when she starts writing about herself from a third person perspective.

I’ll just hush up now and will give you the photos.

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Grocery Store Escapades

I’ve always enjoyed a grocery store trip, especially when I’m not quite sure what I’m getting but have a general idea of what I need. It’s the part of what I want that always is the most fun, along with the hunt of what I can find.

Grocery store round-up: yeah, I don't know how this happened, either.

Last summer, Jamey and I started venturing to grocery stores together when I made my way out to Charleston permanently. It was several months before we ever cooked our first meal, and even then it was probably some lame salmon attempt on my part. I like to think that our food knowledge and experience has drastically improved since then. Continue reading

The Other White Chili

Sunday evening was a cold, wet, chilly time that called for one thing and one thing only: chili.

The best thing about our smoker (aside from its delicious smokiness) is that it stocks us with a week’s worth of meat. This could be because we never can seem to pick anything less than a eight pound cut (hey, when it’s on sale how can you pass up a deal? I bought a six pound corned beef for $3 after St. Patrick’s Day…but hey again! That’s a heckuva deal! And you know we will eat it.)

The pork butt we cooked over a week ago is still good and fat in our fridge, needing to be used. We have been adding it here and there to our meals (I might have overdosed on pork while Jamey was gone last week), but  I suggested a white bean chili as our next leftover pork venture in lieu of chicken.

Based on a recipe by the Pioneer Woman, I bring you Jamey and Claire ‘s Other White Chili.

Ready to dig in?

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Another round of garden sours and fun

Before this post can even begin, the big question is: does anyone know of a good photo collage-making website? Because seriously, this has plagued me all day and I can’t seem to find the website that once changed my life with this ability. (Suggestions, please. I am really, really really really in need of finding the answer to this question. Back to the original post.)

How was everyone’s weekend? Ours was eventful and relaxing, which always is the perfect combination. It also put in to motion several blog posts for this week that I think you will find quite entertaining, if you find us so. (And I assume you do – otherwise, why are you here?)

Friday, we scooted up to Pawleys Island for an overnight trip with Jamey’s parents and their friends from Williamsburg. It was great to hear more stories about little Jamey, reminisce of Georgia, and have a delicious meal with a great group of people. (I am craving some of those clams and sauce right now…this flashback to winter weather is draining.)

Crazy-eyed group pic at Frank’s

We also took the gear to make garden sours for the group, which didn’t turn out as well as they usually do. Continue reading

Dinner from Monday, posted on Friday

Well, it seems that Jamey did not fulfill his agreement to write about our Tristan dinner, so I’ll just have to take care of that at some point. In the meantime, here are some sous vide pork chop videos from our dinner Monday night (you can hear me with my little “Action!” cue at the beginning of the video…I am such a dork):

…and Jamey finishing up to the spinach and onions for the completed meal:

We’ve definitely reached the point of the season where we can sit comfortably in our house with the windows and doors open. I feel like this was never something we could do comfortably when I was growing up in Georgia, since the spring typically goes from frigid ice days one week to blazing hot 85 degree temperatures the next. Continue reading