Another round of garden sours and fun

Before this post can even begin, the big question is: does anyone know of a good photo collage-making website? Because seriously, this has plagued me all day and I can’t seem to find the website that once changed my life with this ability. (Suggestions, please. I am really, really really really in need of finding the answer to this question. Back to the original post.)

How was everyone’s weekend? Ours was eventful and relaxing, which always is the perfect combination. It also put in to motion several blog posts for this week that I think you will find quite entertaining, if you find us so. (And I assume you do – otherwise, why are you here?)

Friday, we scooted up to Pawleys Island for an overnight trip with Jamey’s parents and their friends from Williamsburg. It was great to hear more stories about little Jamey, reminisce of Georgia, and have a delicious meal with a great group of people. (I am craving some of those clams and sauce right now…this flashback to winter weather is draining.)

Crazy-eyed group pic at Frank’s

We also took the gear to make garden sours for the group, which didn’t turn out as well as they usually do. Continue reading

It’s Friiiiiiday

Many things are happening today that make me very happy:

1) Jamey is going to be back from Pennsylvania;

2) We’re going to scoot up to Pawleys for the evening to have fun with his parents and their friends;

and 3) we are taking the necessary ingredients to make some garden sours.

Other than that, who knows what this weekend has in store. We probably are going to take care of some household-y things tomorrow (like re-potting our poor lavender plant and ferns…more on that later), and catch up on other miscellaneous Charleston things that probably won’t involve leaving the three-block radius of our house. (I’m thinking a grocery store run might be in store, and when I say run I mean walk. That’s a little more than three blocks…but you get the gist.)

This weekend is also one of the last before we get really busy, since April is a slammed month of traveling (mostly Jamey) and travelers (can’t wait for a few select visitors to make their way down to my humble abode!) In the meantime, we’re going to savor this weekend and make the most of our time together.

Hope y’all have a great weekend!

P.S. – How do you like our new banner and tagline? We figured “Blabbin’, Cookin’, and Lovin'” better represented our current conversations – which doesn’t mean I’ll finally simmer down on wedding talk. Oh, no. We are just getting started.

Soaking in the sun.

Sarby did arrive soon after my post on Friday, and we immediately hit the town for some Charleston fun. Somehow we ended up taking very few pictures (which, if you know Sarby and me, is very uncharacteristic of us when we get together). But in this town it’s hard to have your eyes behind the shutter all the time when there is so much scenery to take in and fun to be had, which is exactly what occurred.

Sullivan’s Island on a very hoppin’ Saturday.

This photo doesn’t really do justice to how many people were out soaking in the sun on Saturday. You can start to see the Sullivan’s lighthouse in the distance and the crowd farther down near Station 22, but I always tend to go where the crowds are fewer. Our area was just perfect, along with the sun, sand and company.

Our food expeditions were once again fruitful. Jamey cooked Greek burgers, which we topped off with feta and red peppers on Greek buns. (I don’t know where Jamey got these, but they were definitely a good low-carb option. Apologies for not taking pictures.) After a luxuriating day at the beach, we returned to a pork butt in the smoker – my favorite smoking option, of course – and polished off our meal with garden sours (oh, and you so know I documented this whole affair – future post to come!)

Great weekend once again? I think that’s a hearty yes. And this coming one is already something I greatly anticipate, but you’ll find out more about that come Friday.

In case you were wondering…

James: where’s our Sous Vide video?

Claire: you want me to email them to you and you write the post?

James: nope

Claire: ha, ok

James: I want you to have it finished and I read it

Jamey and I sous vided some pork chops last night. In case you were on pins and needles all day today waiting for the videos, they will be posted soon. This post is basically just to showcase Jamey’s commitment to our blog and how I deal with him on a day-to-day basis.

I hope you all had a glorious weekend. We did, and I will write about that soon too.

Husk Dining and Mom Visits

Oftentimes, I find it difficult to round-up a weekend when there’s so much to say of what went down. But this weekend is in need of a recap, since it’s one of those that stands out in a year of already so much excellence.

Friday evening Mom got in, and we hung around the house before making our way over to Husk. Now, my excitement for Husk has been palpable through several posts now. When we arrived at the bar for drinks before dinner, I was positively giddy. There, we found ourselves seated in the rafters of an old but new building – one decorated to tease the eye, transporting the diner to the rusted ambiance of a southern farm.

It’s a shame that the meal itself was not exactly the meal of my Husk dreams. Perhaps it didn’t help that my expectations were beyond high, but then again I was expecting to be blown away from start to finish. Continue reading

A Pawleys Weekend

As predicted, we did spend our weekend lounging and basking in the sunkissed sand of Pawleys. What a glorious weekend it was.

Sunset on Pawleys Island.

It might be a little difficult for us today to get back in the groove, but work and the week calls. Lucky you who have the day off!

Still, it was a relaxing and much needed escape to the beach house, and I can’t wait to go again.

(Click on the images to see them in full size.)