Our things

One of the crazier experiences that I’ve noticed lately, is how few possessions I have.

I still own the same number of things or -to be more accurate- the things I’ve purchased over the years are still in my house, but they’re no longer “my” things. They’re “ours.”

For instance.

Today Claire and I were discussing honeymoon locations when Claire said:

Why don’t you look that up on the ipad?

An innocent enough statement, you might say. But let’s look at the implications here. Continue reading

Restless Nights

So it happened. I had my first night of dreams about The Wedding.

These dreams were made up of a few sub-types:

  • I was late to the wedding and missed it.
  • I had too many drinks during the day and showed up to the church drunk. -Not sure how this would happen…
  • Couldn’t find my tux. -This actually resulted in arriving to the ceremony naked…

I suppose this kind of thing is normal when the wedding is a lot of what Claire and I talk about these days, but it sure doesn’t make for a restful night’s sleep.

Smoke ’em if you got ’em

I got a smoker for Christmas from my parents that is absolutely fantastic.


Fully assembled and heating up for the initial run.

The first item we smoked was a Boston butt. I rubbed it with what I can only describe as nectar of the gods in barbecue rub form.

I discovered Uncle Yammy’s with my friend Cameron last Spring when we went up to Pawley’s Island. Cameron discovered it in the store there and it was a hit.

I had to go to seven grocery stores to find it in Charleston, but find it I did!
It is a standby.

Here’s the initial Butt in the smoker: Continue reading

The Ring

Some of you have already seen the beautiful bling that Jamey gave me for our engagement, but here’s a pic for you far away friends:

Yes, he did like it so he put a ring on it.

It’s sapphire and diamond.

Yeah, you could probably say he did a pretty great job picking it out – all on his own.

– Claire